My name is Ben Colley (as you may have guessed).

I’m 29, and studying engineering. When time allows, I write / arrange / record music of various styles.

Through my life, my taste in music has steadily expanded. Until I was in my early teens, I listened almost exclusively to classical music, particularly Beethoven, Grieg, and Wagner. Through Encarta Encyclopedia (Wikipedia didn’t exist yet), I discovered and fell in love with Holst’s “The Planets” and added that to my regular listening. Then, a whole new world of music was opened to me upon the discovery of John Williams, and I became a total movie-soundtrack junkie. And then I discovered bluegrass. And Irish music. And jazz. And the rhythmic elements of contemporary music. So now, my musical taste is for whatever is beautiful; whatever is pleasant to the ear and edifying to the soul.

To date, I've lived in the town and country of Ohio, by a creek on a mountain in Kentucky, among tobacco fields in Virginia, in the valley of Tennessee's KY-TN-VA tri-state corner, and now in lovely middle-Tennessee. God’s beauty is everywhere, but Tennessee is hard to beat.

I’m a Christian of the Bible-believing, Christ-following kind. My life-decisions are rooted in my love for God, gratitude for His mercy, and hope for the life to come. The Lord has been faithful to me in all things, through joy and sorrow. When I’m weak, he’s strong. When I sin, He remains faithful, seeing in me the righteousness of His Son who bore the penalty for me. To God be the glory.

As for music, I’ve been an enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I began playing piano when I was five, then harmonica, then mandolin, and recorder, and penny whistle, and clarinet, and dulcimer … and a happy cornucopia of others. Most of the instruments came as gifts and hand-me-downs from various friends and teachers, and I loved them all.

Ace, my studio assistant

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