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State of the Music Address: March 2018

My fellow Americans, friends, acquaintances, nondescript individuals in hoodies, and everyone else I failed to mention: Greetings!

Things have seemed rather quiet of late amongst the frequencies emitting from Ben Tower. But in reality, a low rumble of underground activity has been brewing, like Isengard before the conquest for Middle Earth (minus the orcs, and lava, and such).

After much observation and study of the nuts and bolts of 21st-Century music distribution, I determined that I needed to get my music to where the people are - which is kind of all over the place. There are Apple people, Android people, (people who climb on rocks,) people on the go... So after many weeks, with the help of some experts over at (including a guy named Alper), the groundwork has been laid to get my music from my humble laptop computer to pretty much everywhere that people look for music (except under rocks). So I'm excited to announce that any future album releases can be featured in all the mainline streaming services and online stores.

To start the process, I released a couple short albums of my existing work (a piano collection and an instrumental collection), which can be found on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon Music, YouTube, Spotify, (Pandora's on the way,) and a number of others. Check it out!

Also, my website got a fresh coat of paint and a name change that's much easier to remember. It's kind of a nice base of operation to keep tabs on the various platforms and to see what's new.

So, if any of your idle curiosities happened upon the enigmatic musical happenings within the studios of Ben and Ace, now you know!

Thank you all for your friendship and lavish encouragement. I continue to pray that my music will be a blessing to all who hear it, and honoring to the Lord who blessed his creation with the invention of music.

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